@Modified (Formula Language)

Returns a time-date value indicating when the document was modified initially.



Return value


Time-date. The date when the current document was last modified.


@Modified works correctly in column formulas and computed-for-display formulas.

When used in computed fields, @Modified returns a value representing the next-to-last time the document was saved. For example, if you modified and saved a document on the mornings of May 5th and 6th, then accessed the document in the afternoon on May 6th, the @Modified computed field would return the May 5th modification date, since the 5th was the next-to-last time the document was saved.

This function does not work in navigators, mail agent, paste agent, hide-when, section editor, or form formulas.

@Modified and LastModified are not equivalent.

  • @Modified reflects the "Modified (Initially)" document property and is equivalent to the Last Modified simple function.
  • LastModified reflects the "Modified (In this file)" document property and is roughly equivalent to @Accessed and the Last Read or Edited simple function.


  1. This example returns 9/30/95 11:00:00 AM if the document was last saved on September 30, 1995 at 11:00 A.M.
  2. This example returns a string made up of the contents of the Topic field, then a space, then the string Last Edited: and then the time-date value of the last time the document was saved, converted to text.
    Topic + " " + "Last Edited: " + @Text(@Modified)