@ModifiedInThisFile (Formula Language)

Returns a time-date value indicating when the document was last modified in the current file.



Return value


Time-date. The date when the current document was last modified in this file (as opposed to the global modified time returned by @Modified)


@ModifiedInThisFile works correctly only in column formulas. When used in computed field or computed-for-display formulas, @ModifiedInThisFile returns a value representing the next-to-last time the document was saved. For example, if you modified and saved a document on the mornings of May 5th and 6th, then accessed the document in the afternoon on May 6th, the @ModifiedInThisFile computed field would return the May 5th modification date, since the 5th was the next-to-last time the document was saved. This function does not work in mail agent, paste agent, hide-when, section editor, or form formulas.

@ModifiedInThisFile is similar to @Modified, which indicates the global modified time of a document.

Refer also to the @Modified formula topic.


The following example returns true if the Last time the document was modified in this file was more than 7 days ago:

@Date(@Now) > @Date(@Adjust(@ModifiedInThisFile, null, null, 7, null, null, null))