@V2If (Formula Language)

This function performs an @If operation; the syntax is the same as for @If.


@V2If( condition1 ; action1 ; condition2 ; action2 ; condition99 ; action99 ; else_action )


Use @V2If when you expect your application to be used with Notes® Release 2.x. If the application will only be used with Notes® Release 3 or later, you should use @If. The @If function in Release 3 was redesigned to work in conjunction with the new @functions first available in Release 3, such as @Prompt. Due to these changes, releases of Notes® earlier than Release 3 cannot evaluate @If correctly, and return an error message.

Note: In applications created with Notes® prior to Release 4, the @If function is automatically renamed to @V2If during the upgrade to Release 4.