@DocSiblings (Formula Language)

In a column or window title formula, returns a string that represents the total number of entries at the same level as a view entry (document or category). The returned total includes the document itself. For example, if the document is entry 8.2, and entries 8.1, 8.3, and 8.4 also exist, then there are four document siblings.



Return value


Special text. The number of entries at the same level as the document or category. You cannot convert special text to a number.


Use @DocSiblings in column and window title formulas. If you use it in a field or window title formula, it evaluates to 0 until the document has been saved and reopened. This function does not work in any other formula.

This @function is calculated when the document is opened. Results are undefined in cases where the document is not opened, such as printing from a view.

You cannot use this function in Web applications, except in column formulas.


This example returns Response 1 of 4 to Current® Vacation Policy if the document is one of four responses to a document with the string Current® Vacation Policy in the Topic field.
@If(@IsNewDoc;"New Document";"Response" + @DocNumber(" ") +
 " of " + @DocSiblings + " to " + Topic)