@IsDocTruncated (Formula Language)

Indicates whether the current document has been truncated.



Return value



  • Returns 1 (True) if the document is missing some data
  • Returns 0 (False) if the entire document is present


You typically use @IsDocTruncated in a column formula to display the truncated document indicator. You can also use @IsDocTruncated in a variety of other formulas, including toolbar buttons, hide-when formulas, section editors, window title formulas, field formulas, form formulas, column formulas, selection formulas, and agents.

Documents may be truncated during database replication. Depending upon the type of truncation, a document can be missing an attached file, an OLE object, large rich text fields, or non-summary items.

If the document is truncated, you can obtain the entire document by choosing Action - Retrieve Entire Document, either in the background or during the next replication of the database. You cannot edit a truncated document.


This code, when added to a column formula, displays a negative (-) icon if the document was truncated in replication. The column must be set to Display values as icons in the Column Properties box.