@Integer (Formula Language)

Truncates the values in a number or number list at the whole number, leaving off any decimals. The values in the resulting list are separated using the multi-value separator that is selected for display in the field containing the formula.


@Integer( numberValue )



Number or number list. The value(s) you want to truncate.

Return value


Number or number list. The truncated value(s).


When using this function with a number list, the list concatenation operator takes precedence over any other operators. Negative numbers must be enclosed in parentheses.


  1. This example returns 123;789.
    @Integer(123.001 : 789.999)
  2. This example returns 127580;5;7341 if the numbers in the Sales, CommissionRate, and Commission fields are 127580.35, 5.75, and 7341.62015, respectively.
  3. This example returns 3.
  4. This example returns 6.