@OrgDir (Formula Language)

In a Service Provider (xSP) environment, returns the name of the subdirectory for the company with which the currently authenticated user is registered. Notes/Domino retrieves this information from the organization's certifier document.

Note: This function is new with Release 6.



Return value

subdirectory name

String. The name of the subdirectory containing the data directory for the company with which the current user is registered.


If the currently authenticated user is not registered in a hosted organization, is authenticated as an anonymous user, or if the function is invoked in a non-xSP environment, Notes/Domino returns an empty string ("").


If the full path name of the data directory subdirectory for a hosted organization called Acme is C:\Notes\Data\Acme, the following code opens a database on the same server that has the same name as the current database, but that resides in the Acme organization's subdirectory. @OrgDir returns "Acme" in the following formula.
@Command([FileOpenDatabase];@ServerName + ":" + @OrgDir + "\\" + @DbName[2])