@Domain (Formula Language)

Returns the name of the current user's Domino® mail domain listed in the current location document of the Personal Address Book.



Return value


Text. The current user's domain.


This function works in any formula and is useful in formulas that manipulate mail addresses. When a formula runs on a server, the server is considered the current user, so @Domain returns the name of the server's domain.

You cannot use this function in Web applications.


  1. This example returns WorkSavers if the current user belongs to the WorkSavers domain.
  2. This formula replaces any occurrences of the user's mail address with a null string, thus removing the current user's name from CopyTo.
    FIELD CopyTo:=@Replace(CopyTo;@UserName+"@"+@Domain;"");
Note: The preceding example works only with non-hierarchical names (those IDs certified by a non-hierarchical certifier).