@Author (Formula Language)

Returns a text list containing the names of the author(s) of the current document.



Return value


Text list. All the authors of the current document. For authors with hierarchical names, Notes/Domino returns the abbreviated form of the name (as in Denise Lee/Research/Acme), rather than the canonical form (CN=Denise Lee/OU=Research/O=Acme).

@Author uses the following instructions (in the sequence outlined) to find document author(s) and return the appropriate text list:

  1. Search the document for a field of type Authors. If there is one, return the name(s) stored there. (If there are multiple Authors fields, returns the contents of the first Authors field found in the document.)
  2. If there is no Authors field, look for a field called From. If there is a From field, look for the field FromDomain.
    • If both fields are found, combine the two fields, separating them by an @ sign (as in, Mary Tsen@AcmeWest).
    • Otherwise, return the contents of the From field only.
  3. If there is no From field, look for a field named $UpdatedBy. If there is one, return the contents of the field.
  4. If there is no $UpdatedBy field and this is a new document (not yet saved), return the current user's name.
  5. If none of the above can be found, return the null string ("").


@Author is most useful for documents containing an Author Names or From field.


If a document has one Authors field that contains: Mary Tsen, David Smith, Denise Lee/Research/Acme. This example returns: Mary Tsen; David Smith; Denise Lee/Research/Acme.