@ThisName (Formula Language)

Returns the name of the current field.

Note: This @function is new with Release 6.



Return value


Text. The name of the current field.


This @function returns null outside a field formula.

Note: A hide formula is not a field formula, even though it can be set from the field properties dialog. The hide formula applies to the paragraph containing the field. Since a paragraph can contain several fields, there is no "current field" in this context.

This @function is useful in writing portable code. Use @ThisName to construct references to other fields (for example, in @GetField) that have similar names.


  1. Assume a form has fields named Total_1, Quantity_1, Cost_1, Total_2, Quantity_2, Cost_2, and so on. The Total fields are computed using the following formula for the value. The same formula can be used in every Total field.
    Suffix := @Right(@ThisName; "_");
    QuantityFld := "Quantity_" + Suffix;
    CostFld := "Cost_" + Suffix;
    @GetField(QuantityFld) * @GetField(CostFld)
  2. This formula makes it easier for a designer to check code on a form that may have several debugging @Prompt functions in several different fields because it identifies which field value is being displayed:
    result := @Round(2.66);
    result + 2

    This example returns 3 in the "roundNumber" dialog box and 5 in the roundNumber field when the form displays.