@IsDocBeingEdited (Formula Language)

Checks the current status of the document and returns 1 (True) if the document is being edited; otherwise returns 0 (False).



Return value



  • 1 (True) indicates that the document is being edited
  • 0 (False) indicates that the document is not being edited


This function does not work in column, selection, agent, form, or view action formulas. It's intended for use in button, hide-when, field, and form action formulas.


This code, when added to an action button, checks whether the current document is in edit mode. If it's not, it changes the document's mode to edit in order to execute the @DocLock function, which requires that the current document be in edit mode. It then locks the current document.
@If(@IsDocBeingEdited; @True;@Command( [EditDocument] ; 1 ));