@UserNameLanguage (Formula Language)

Returns language tags associated with the user ID.

Note: This @function is new with Release 5.


@UserNameLanguage( index )



Number. Indicates the index of user names. 0 is for primary name and 1 is for alternate name. Numbers greater than 1 are not used but reserved for future use.

Return value


Text. Language tag for the alternate user name. If the user does not have the alternate name, @UserNameLanguage returns an empty string (""). Also, this function returns an empty string for the primary name.


The alternate name is expected to be used for a user's native language name.

Generally the native language name contains non-ASCII characters and cannot be displayed correctly without some proper fonts. The return value from @UsernameLanguage is used as reference of the native language.

@UserNameLanguage can be used as a default value formula to store the author's alternate language tag in their document as well as their primary name and alternate name. While referring to the language tag, the Domino® application can switch the display name on the document between the primary name and the alternate name.

See @Locale for a list of language codes.


  1. The following example returns "ja" if you have a Japanese name for your alternate name.
  2. The following example returns an empty string ("") because the primary name has no language tag associated.