@Created (Formula Language)

Returns the time-date when the document was created.



Return value


Time-date. The date when the current document was created.


@Created differs from @Now, in that @Created returns a time-date value that remains constant, while @Now returns a dynamic time-date that changes with each formula evaluation when it is used in a computed field.

In a field formula, Notes/Domino takes the value for @Created from the server clock, unless the database is local.


  1. This example returns 06/23/95 11:36:50 AM for a document created on June 23, 1995, at 11:36:50 A.M.
  2. This example returns 8/4/93 3:10:00 PM for a document created on April 4, 1992 at 3:10 P.M.

    See @Adjust for an explanation of the parameters following @Created.

  3. This code, when added as the view selection formula, populates the view with only those documents created after July 23, 2001.
    SELECT @Created > [07/23/2001]
  4. If you add the following code as the form formula for a view, all documents created before June 1, 2001 display using the "oldFormat" form and those created on or after June 1 use the "newFormat" form.
    @If(@Created >= [06/01/01];"newFormat";"oldFormat")
  5. This view selection formula uses @Created to select only those documents created in the current month. To avoid having the view refresh indicator display, it uses @TextToTime("Today") instead of @Today. Date calculations in views may impact the performance of an application.
    SELECT ( ( @Year( @Created ) = @Year( @TextToTime( "Today" ) ) ) & ( @Month( @Created ) = @Month( @TextToTime( "Today" ) ) ) )