Working with UCM activities

A UCM activity identifies the set of versions created during a specific development task. Every change to a resource in a UCM project must be associated with an activity.

About this task

When you work in a UCM view, you must set the view's current activity to one of the activities in the stream to which the view is bound. You can do this explicitly, by using the VersionVault UCM Activities view, the My Activities folder in the VersionVault Navigator, or implicitly, when you select an activity to associate with an operation, such as a checkout, in the view. You can set the view to only one activity at a time, but you may keep multiple undelivered activities in your stream. You can work on one activity, set and work on a different activity, and then set and return to working on the original activity.

The HCL VersionVault Explorer includes interfaces for creating new activities, selecting existing activities, and viewing the properties of an activity, such as its change set.