Removing components

Use the Remove Component option in the VersionVault Details view to delete UCM components.

Before you begin

This option is subject to the following restrictions.

Identities: To remove UCM components, you must have one of the following identities:

  • Component owner
  • Project VOB owner
  • root (Linux)
  • Member of the VersionVault group (Windows)

Locks: An error occurs if there are locks on the component or the project VOB.

Mastership: (Replicated VOBs only) Your current replica must master the component.

Baselines: There cannot be any baselines of the component other than the initial baseline and the component's initial baseline cannot be in use as a foundation baseline for a stream.


To remove a UCM component:
  1. In the VersionVault Navigator, move to the UCM Project VOB that contains the UCM component that you want to remove.
  2. Click the (+) next to Project VOBs to expand the Project VOBs node.
    The UCM projects in the current Project VOB are displayed.
  3. Click the (+) next to the Project VOB that contains the UCM component you want to delete.
    The Components node is displayed.
  4. Click the Components node.
  5. In the VersionVault Details view, right-click the UCM component that you want to delete and select Remove Component from the context menu. Note that you can select multiple UCM components.


Any currently selected UCM components are removed.