Integrate outgoing changes

In the Pending Changes view, you can integrate outgoing changes by performing a deliver operation.


To integrate outgoing changes:
  1. Open the Pending Changes view. In the VersionVault Navigator, select the VersionVault view in which you want accept incoming changes. Right-click the view and select Show Pending Changes from the context menu in the VersionVault Navigator or click the Show Pending Changes icon show pending changes icon on the VersionVault toolbar.
  2. In the Pending Changes view, click on the Integrate All Outgoing Changes icon integrate all outgoing changes icon on the Pending Changes view toolbar.
  3. If this is the first time that you have selected this option for the current view, the Default Deliver Configuration dialog box displays. Ensure that the target stream and the integration view are correct and click OK.
    Note that you can also specify these options in the HCL VersionVault Explorer > Integration > Rebase and Deliver preferences.
  4. The Ready to Complete Deliver dialog box appears. Specify whether to leave the deliver operation in its current state, complete the deliver operation, or cancel the deliver operation, and click OK.
  5. If you chose to complete the deliver operation, click OK in the Rebase confirmation dialog box.
    The Pending Changes view now shows no outgoing changes.
  6. To enable others to access the changes you have delivered, make a new baseline by navigating to the integration stream, right-clicking the stream name, and selecting Make Baseline, specify the options you want and clicking OK.