Applying a label to multiple resources

Apply an instance of an existing label type to multiple HCL VersionVault resources at the same time.

Before you begin

If you are using a Web view or automatic view, you must connect to the VersionVault WAN server to apply labels.

About this task

If you want to apply one label to many VersionVault resources, you can use the Apply Label wizard to apply the label to all of the resources at the same time. For resources that are loaded in your view, the Apply Label wizard labels the loaded versions of the resources you select. If you select resources that are not loaded in your view, the Apply Label wizard selects the versions to label based on the config spec of a view that you select. For example, if you choose a /main/LATEST view, the label is applied to the latest version of each resource that is not loaded in your view.


To apply a label to multiple HCL VersionVault resources concurrently:
  1. Start the Apply Label wizard using one of the following methods:
    • Use the VersionVault Navigator view and the VersionVault Details view to select the label type that you want to apply, then right-click the label type and select Apply Label. The Apply Label wizard - select resources page opens.
    • Select one or more VersionVault resources within the context of a VersionVault view, then right-click and select Apply Label.
  2. Depending on the method you used you start the Apply Label wizard, one of the following windows opens first. Complete all required steps and any optional steps that you want to complete.
    Note: On any page of the wizard, click the Help button for more information on how to complete the page.
    • Apply Label wizard - select label type. On this page, enter or select an existing label type or create a new label type.
    • Apply Label wizard - select resources. On this page, select a VersionVault view to use for selecting the resources, select the VersionVault resources that you want to label, and specify labeling options.
    • Apply Label wizard - select options. Optionally, on this page, specify additional options and enter a comment.
    Once you have completed all required steps, the Finish control is available.
  3. Click Finish.

What to do next

The label is applied to the selected resources.