Introduced in Feature Pack 1

Target: Promotion Checker

Use this target in web activities to check whether a catalog entry that a customer is viewing qualifies for a promotion you specify. If the catalog entry does qualify, you can display an ad for the promotion in an e-Marketing Spot associated with the catalog entry. This ad is a great way to visually connect a promotion to a specific catalog entry on your storefront.


Here is one example of how you can use the Promotion Checker target to raise awareness for promotions. In this example, your store has a promotion that offers Free shipping when you spend $100. The store home page displays featured catalog entries. You want to highlight the shipping promotion by displaying a Free Shipping ad in a special e-Marketing Spot beneath each catalog entry that qualifies for free shipping. You can include the special e-Marketing Sport beneath each catalog entry that costs $100 or more since those catalog entries automatically qualify for the promotion.

You build the following web activity for the store home page by using the Promotion Checker target:

When a customer views the home page, check whether each displayed catalog entry qualifies for the free shipping promotion. If it does, display the Free Shipping Mini Banner Ad in the FeaturedShippingPromotion e-Marketing Spot beneath the catalog entry.

Target: Promotion Checker

When this web activity is activated, the result on the store home page looks like this example:

Example of Promotion Checker target on the storefront

This box FeaturedShippingPromotion e-Marketing Spot illustrates the locations of the FeaturedShippingPromotion e-Marketing Spot on the page (the box does not display on the storefront). Notice that the FeaturedShippingPromotion e-Marketing Spot is included multiple times on the store page. As a result of this web activity:

  • The Free Shipping ad displays beneath the two catalog entries on the left. These catalog entries already qualify for the shipping promotion individually because they cost over $100.
  • The Free Shipping ad does not display beneath the two catalog entries on the right. These catalog entries do not yet qualify for the shipping promotion because they cost less than $100.

The promotion Free shipping when you spend $100 is an order-level promotion. This classification means that catalog entries that are less than $100 might qualify for free shipping during check out if the total value of the order is $100 or more. The Promotion Checker evaluates individual catalog entries for a promotion, rather than orders, so the catalog entry must qualify for the promotion on its own to pass the target.

Requirements for e-Marketing Spots used in web activities with this target

For this target to be effective, use it in a web activity for an e-Marketing Spot that is either:
  • Associated with a catalog entry, based on how a store developer created the store JSP page.

    An example is the e-Marketing Spot beneath each catalog entry in the previous example. In this case, the store developer must program the store JSP page to pass the productId to the e-Marketing Spot JSP snippet. Then, the Promotion Checker target can check the specific catalog entry to determine whether it qualifies for the promotion.

  • On a product details page.

    To determine which catalog entry the customer is viewing, the server uses the productId value on the ProductDisplay URL. If your store uses page view names or URL parameter names that are different from the default, the target does not work unless a store developer performs some customization steps. See Changing the name of commands used in behavior rule matching.

Prerequisites for using this target

  • Make sure that your site is configured to support the Management Center marketing features.
  • The promotion that you want to check must exist in the Management Center so that you can specify it in the target. See Creating promotions.
  • On the store page that contains the e-Marketing Spot, a store developer must use an e-Marketing Spot snippet that supports the Promotion Checker target. A sample snippet, ESpotNavDisplayBrazilExt.jspf, is provided with the Brazil starter store. To learn more about the snippet and how to access it, see Sample e-Marketing Spot JSP snippets and the web activities they support.
  • If you plan to use an e-Marketing Spot that is not on a product details page, talk to a store developer to ensure that the store page JSP files and e-Marketing Spots are set up to support the Promotion Checker target. A typical example is a single page that displays multiple catalog entries in a grid. See the Brazil starter store home page for an example of how this support is implemented for a store page.

Guidelines for using this target

  • You can specify only one promotion for this target. Promotions that might be good candidates for the Promotion Checker include:
    • Promotions that apply to many catalog entries, such as a category or shipping promotion. This way, the e-Marketing Spot can be frequently used.
    • Promotions that require customers to spend a certain amount of money to qualify, such as when the price of an individual catalog entry is greater than the promotion amount threshold. You can use this type of promotion to encourage customers to purchase a more expensive item if they see that the cheaper item does not qualify for the promotion.
  • Do not use promotions that are targeted to a customer segment; if you do, the web activity does not display the marketing content.
  • Do not use promotions where different catalog entries are required, or multiple units of the same catalog entry are required. For example, Buy X, Get % off Y (requires X and Y) promotions and Buy X, Get additional X at a discount (requires multiple units of X) promotions.