The home page helps customers navigate the store by displaying a list of available departments to browse, each containing products. The scrollable e-Marketing Spot contains highly visible products, as they are directly featured on the home page of the store. Products are displayed with their picture, name, and price, and the customer can add the products to their shopping cart without leaving the home page. Additional features of the home page include quick info pop ups, serving as hover help for each product, and the ability to add products to the wish list.

Elements of the Home page

Home screen capture
Full size screen capture

JSP files

  • TopCategoriesDisplay.jsp represents the entire page.
    • 9 CatalogEntryFeaturedInstallmentOptionDisplay.jspf displays the featured installment option to advertise the best available payment option based on the number of installment payments and the interest rate.
  • CachedTopCategoriesDisplay.jsp represents the area containing all five e-Marketing Spots combined.
  • CachedFooterDisplay.jsp represents the area containing the available forms of payment.
    • CachedFooterDisplayPaymentExt.jspf displays the available forms of payment.

e-Marketing Spots

  • 1 HomePageRowBannerAdPromotion is the first e-Marketing Spot.
  • 2 HomePageRow1Ads is the second e-Marketing Spot.
  • 3 HomePageRowWineGlassAdPromotion is the third e-Marketing Spot.
  • 4 HomePageFeaturedProducts is the fourth e-Marketing Spot. Each featured product can offer the following e-Marketing Spots to qualifying customers:
    • 5 BrazilFeaturedNonPaymentPromotion displays the discount for product categories, such as 30% off Furniture.
    • 6 BrazilFeaturedPaymentPromotion displays the discount for specified payment types, such as 5% off Boleto,Visa, or MasterCard payments.
    • 7 BrazilFeaturedShippingPromotion displays free shipping for featured products.
  • 8 HomePageRightSideBarAds is the scrollable e-Marketing Spot.

Featured installment options

  • 9 Best interest free installment payment option, such as 2x of $209.98. The featured installment option is selected from installment rules that apply to all payment methods. Installment rules that apply to specific payment methods are not considered when selecting the featured installment option.

Store functions

  • AJAX shopping cart can be enabled or disabled.
  • AJAX Add to Cart can be enabled or disabled.

Links and buttons

  • When the Add to Cart button is clicked:
    • AjaxOrderChangeServiceItemAdd is called if AJAX shopping cart support is enabled.
      • Double-click handling is implemented using JavaScript to prevent multiple requests from being sent.
      • The cursor_wait() method is called and displays the progress bar.
    • OrderChangeServiceItemAdd is called if AJAX shopping cart support is disabled.
      • Double-click handling is implemented using JavaScript to prevent multiple requests from being sent.
  • 4
    • The Product Quick Info pop-up window is displayed when the Quick info button is clicked for each product.
    • The Product Details page is displayed when a product is clicked.