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Cleaning up expired web activities

1 An expired web activity has an end date in the past but still has an active status in Management Center. On a regular basis, you should either delete or deactivate expired web activities so that they do not affect storefront performance. Otherwise, the server wastes resources checking the schedules of expired web activities when evaluating what to display in an e-Marketing Spot.


  1. Open the Marketing tool.
  2. From the explorer view, click Activities.
    The Activities - List page opens.
  3. To sort the activities by end date, click the End Date column header.
  4. Identify the activities that have an end date in the past but that still show an Active status.
  5. For each expired activity, do one of the following things:
    • To deactivate the activity, right-click the row and click Deactivate.
    • To delete the activity, right-click the row and click Deactivate; then right-click the row a second time and click Delete.
1 IBM provides a software update (APAR IZ94274) that automatically deactivates expired web activities each day so that you do not have to remember to deactivate them. Check with a site administrator if you want this update installed, or to find out if it is already installed. Alternately this update is also available in Fix Pack 3 or later.