Feature Pack 5 or later

Page Layout tool

As a Marketing Manager, Product Manager, Category Manager, or Sales Manager you can use the Page Layout tool in Management Center to manage layouts for your store pages. By using the Page Layout tool, you can schedule different layouts to certain store pages, giving you greater control over your store design.

Your IT developers must create the page layouts, and then make the layouts available to you for selection in the Page Layout tool. You cannot create page layouts directly in Management Center.

The following screen capture provides a quick look at the Page Layout tool. The left sidebar shows all the objects to which you can assign page layouts. The right pane shows a default layout, plus two additional layout assignments for the department page. The additional layout assignments are scheduled for two different weeks at the end of November:

Page Layout tool

What you can do with the Page Layout tool

The Page Layout tool supports storefront asset stores, extended sites, the consumer direct store models such as the Aurora starter store, and the B2B store models such as the Elite starter store.

It enables:
  • Assigning page layouts associations to certain pages in the store.
  • Assigning different layouts to a specific catalog entry or category page in different time periods.
In addition, the Page Layout tool enables working with store pages to complete the following tasks:
  • View page layouts.
  • Assign page layouts to a home page or static store page.
  • Assign page layouts to a category page.
  • Assign page layouts to a sales catalog category page.
  • Assign page layouts to all product, bundle, SKU, kit, or dynamic kit pages under a particular category.
  • Assign page layouts to catalog entry pages, such as a product, bundle, SKU, kit, or dynamic kit pages.
Feature Pack 7 or later

Commerce Composer tool

Introduced in Feature Pack 7, the Commerce Composer tool provides more extensive page and layout management capabilities compared to the Page Layout tool. For example, in the Commerce Composer tool, you can create new pages and build layouts directly in Management Center without involving IT developers. For more information, see Commerce Composer overview.

  • If you publish a Feature Pack 7 Aurora starter store, the Commerce Composer tool is added to the list of tools in Management Center. You can then use the Commerce Composer tool to manage pages and layouts in the starter store.
  • If you are working in a Feature Pack 5 or 6 store, you must continue to use the Page Layout tool for layout management. The Commerce Composer tool is not available for these stores.

Alternatively, your company can migrate your existing store to use the Commerce Composer tool. For more information, IT developers can refer to Developing Commerce Composer assets.

Note: Widgets that are created with the Page Layout tool cannot be migrated to the Commerce Composer tool. You must recreate these widgets after you upgrade to Feature Pack 7 (or Feature Pack 8) and enable the Commerce Composer tool.


The following limitations exist in the Page Layout tool:
  • Feature Pack 5The Page Layout tool is not supported when you are working on tasks in workspaces.

    Feature Pack 6 or laterThe Page Layout tool is supported when you are working on tasks in workspaces.