WebSphere Commerce provides a suite of applications to support the daily operations of business users, customer support representatives, and others. The following table lists business user tasks and links to topics about the tools and interfaces. The New feature icon (New feature) shows features introduced in WebSphere Commerce Version 7. In most cases, you should use the new tool. Sites that have migrated from a previous version of WebSphere Commerce might continue to use WebSphere Commerce Accelerator Catalog, Marketing and Promotions features.
Role Responsibilities Tools and interfaces
Seller Set up general setting for the store, for example shipping, taxes, and return reasons
Marketing Manager
  • Create and manage activities that support your site's marketing campaigns.
  • Deliver targeted marketing messages to customers on store pages, or using e-mail and text messages.
Create and manage promotions that support your site's marketing campaigns.
Category Manager and Product Manager
  • Manage the catalog hierarchy
  • Manage sales catalogs
  • Manage product catalogs.
Customer Service Representative (CSR)
  • Customer service tasks
  • Order management tasks
  • Accomplish customer-service tasks in an inbound call-center