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Marketing Managers use the marketing tools in WebSphere Commerce Accelerator to manage the activities that support your site's marketing campaigns. You can use the features to deliver marketing messages to your customers on store pages, or using e-mail.

What you can do with the Marketing tools in WebSphere Commerce Accelerator

The Marketing Manager uses the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator to perform the following tasks:

Tasks Description For more information
Display dynamic and static marketing information to customers on your store pages
  • Create Web activities to control what customers see in the places on your store pages that are reserved for marketing, without involving IT. Web activities can display:
    • Advertisements for promotions and featured products
    • Recommendations for products and categories, including merchandising associations
    • A list of a customer's recently viewed products or categories
  • Manage the spaces on your store pages that are reserved for marketing, called e-Marketing Spots.
Manage e-Marketing SpotsContent spotsContent
Create e-mail marketing campaigns
  • Create E-mail activities to sent bulk e-mails to specific customer segments.
  • Create e-mail templates with dynamic content that changes according to who receives the e-mail message.
CampaignsE-mail activities
Create customer segments Define customer segments by selecting a group of attributes that are relevant to marketing activities. Attributes include demographic data, registration status, purchase history, and so on. You can use these customer segments as targets for advertising, promotions, and suggestive selling. Customer segments
Create marketing experiments (A/B testing) Experiment with your Web activities to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing messages. For example, you can experiment with different content, different locations on store pages, different customer segments, or different targets. Then choose the best option to use going forward. ExperimentsCreating experiments
Organize and manage marketing campaigns Create campaigns to manage e-mail and Web activities. Campaigns
View statistics related to marketing activities Analyze the progress and results of your marketing activities by viewing statistical data, such as impressions and click-through rates. Viewing a campaign activity's statisticsViewing an experiment's summary and statisticsViewing an e-mail activity's summary and statistics
Preview marketing information on store pages View advertisements, recommendations, and other marketing content on your store pages before going live. Options include previewing your store:
  • At a virtual date and time
  • As a specific customer, for example, a customer who belongs to a specific customer segment or who exhibits a target online behavior
You can also use the store preview to determine where on the store pages your e-Marketing Spots are located.
Previewing a storePreviewing content