Order management

A typical order includes one or more products, billing and shipping addresses, payment details, and the total cost (including shipping charges and taxes, as applicable). Comments or price adjustments can also be included in an order.

Both registered and non-registered customers can place orders at a store.
  • A registered customer is one who has provided information to create a profile with the store. This customer has a logon ID and password, which are required when submitting orders at the store. Registered customers can also contact the store inquiring about their orders.
  • A non-registered customer is one who does not have a logon ID and password for shopping at the store and is considered a guest.

Registered customers can always place their own orders at the store and check their order status on store pages. Consumer direct (B2C)A non-registered customer might need to contact the Customer Service Representative (CSR) to place an order and to check their order status.

Create new orders using the Place Order wizard with WebSphere Commerce Accelerator. You can update existing orders using the Change Order notebook.