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Tasks tool

Use the Tasks tool to select tasks, manage content within a task, and add comments and approve or reject tasks.

Introduced in Feature Pack 3Note: The Workspace Management tool replaces all of the workspace management features in the Workspace Administration Tool and the Tasks tool.

The Tasks tool works within the context of a workspace. A workspace is an access-controlled work area where you can make and preview changes to managed assets, without affecting what is currently running on your site. Working in the context of a workspace is similar to having your own private copy of the managed assets. You can make changes and preview changes without affecting managed assets outside the workspace. Once you are satisfied with the changes you have made in a workspace, you can commit the changes to the production database, and begin to see the effects on your site.

The following screen capture provides a quick look at the Tasks tool. The left sidebar shows all of the tasks that the user is authorized to work with, and the work associated with each task:
Tasks tool

What you can do with the Tasks tool

Here is a summary of tasks you can perform with the Tasks tool:

Tasks Details For more information
View tasks that have been assigned to you.View approved tasks Once you have selected a task to work on, the banner view displays the current task you are working on, and the name of the workspace the task belongs to. This is also displayed in the Management Center tool where you are contributing the content. Viewing workspace tasks
Contribute content to tasks, complete tasks and submit tasks for approval. If you have completed a task, you can click the store preview icon Store preview in the toolbar, to preview the changes you have made before committing them to the production database. Completing tasksPreviewing a store
Approve and reject task groups. If you are a Workspace Task Group Approver, you can approve or reject task groups when all of the tasks in the task group have been completed by the Workspace Content Contributors. Approving and rejecting task groups
Work on approved content. If you want to work on content outside of a workspace, you can select the Work on Approved Content option in the Management Center. Any changes you make are made to the production-ready database, and eventually propagated to the production database. Working on approved content