Collecting MustGather data for Commerce Composer issues

Prepare the following MustGather information before you call HCL Support to help with Commerce Composer issues.


  1. Configure the following trace strings.
    • In the Transaction server Docker container:
      For information about how to set trace strings, see Configuring logging for the Transaction server.
    • In the Store server Docker container:

      For the JSP that shows issues, find the wcpgl:widgetImport tag that is used for the slot containing the widget and add debug="true".

  2. Reproduce the problem.

    Record the specific steps that you used to reproduce the problem and any details that might be relevant.

  3. Collect the following files.
    • In the Store server Docker container, collect the JSP and pagelayout files that are used for the widget or template.
  4. Run the following database queries to collect the necessary information from your database (output results in CSV format).
    select * from PLWIDGET
    select * from PLWIDGETDEF
    select * from PLWIDGETDEFDESC
    select * from PAGELAYOUT
    select * from PLWIDGETNVP
    select * from PLWIDGETREL
    select * from PLWIDGETSLOT
    select * from PLLOCATION
    select * from PLTEMPLATEREL