What's new in HCL Commerce Version 9.1

What's new includes information about the major additions and changes to the features and functionality that are available with the latest iteration of HCL Commerce.

The following sections list the new functionality and changes in functionality from Version 9.1 and its update packages.
  • If you want to review the additions and changes that were included within the Version 9.0 release, see What's new in HCL Commerce Version 9.0.1.x.
  • If you want to review the specific additions and changes that were included within each HCL Commerce Version 9.1 update, see the individual release pages in the HCL Commerce releases.

Elasticsearch-based search solution

Version 9.1 features a new search solution with cutting edge features such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and partial-word features, while still maintaining compatibility with the Solr-based search solution used in previous WebSphere Commerce releases.

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React-based store solution

Version 9.1 features two new reference stores for B2B and B2C usage. These reference stores leverage the React framework, the Elasticsearch-based search solution, and all of the architectural improvements present in modern HCL Commerce releases.

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Cloud native

Version 9.1 iterates on the containerized cloud native architecture of Version 9, and supports deployment on Kubernetes. You can also use HCL Software Factory to design and preview your software solution before generating a simple Helm Chart to use in your own deployment.

Version 9.1 also comes with new logging and performance tuning applications to more easily manage or troubleshoot your store and its performance.

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Modernized business user tooling

Version 9.1 eliminates legacy business user tooling. Version 9.1 also streamlines access to, and improves the quality of life functionality within their replacements.

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Support for new integrations and companion software

Version 9.1 features new integrations and support for a growing number of companion software solutions. This includes support for Oracle and OneDB databases, and integration with HCL Digital Experience, for powerful and easy to use content management.