Deprecated feature

Hystrix on the Store server

Prior to HCL Commerce, the Commerce Remote Store (CRS), otherwise known as the Store server, implements Hystrix. The Hystrix framework is used as a proxy for back-end resources such as the Transaction server and Search server by default. This can be disabled, but does have performance implications that must be considered.

The Hystrix framework executes back-end requests on a separate thread pool to help control and limit the number of concurrent threads that are allowed. The framework also provides other features such as circuit breakers, timeouts, fall backs, and metrics, but these capabilities are not used with the CRS.

Impacts on HCL Commerce include increased troubleshooting complexity and higher memory requirements. Another consideration that must be made is the fact that Hystrix is no longer maintained to a high degree. These factors must be weighed against its limited use by the CRS. Taking these factors into consideration, it is recommended that this feature be disabled.

In releases of HCL Commerce and greater, Hystrix is disabled by default.

You can enable Hystrix to continue using it on deployment using the HYSTRIX_ENABLE container parameter or the ${VAULT_URL}/${TENANT}/${ENVIRONMENT}/${ENVTYPE}/hystrixEnable Vault key value. For more information, see Docker container start up logic for HCL Commerce Version 9.1.