HCL Commerce configuration file (wc-server.xml)

Many aspects of the HCL Commerce runtime application are configured in an XML file. This XML file is located inside the HCL Commerce Java Platform, Enterprise Edition EAR.

The wc-server.xml file is located in the following directories:
  • WC_eardir/xml/config/
  • HCL Commerce Developerworkspace_dir\WC\xml\config\

Modifying wc-server.xml

HCL Commerce Version 9 runs its Transaction server inside a Docker container. Containerized servers reset their contents to their preset state every time the server is restarted. This means that you cannot edit the wc-server.xml in a running container and expect the changes to be preserved when the container is restarted. Instead, you must build a new container image that includes the changed file.
  1. Open for editing the copy of wc-server.xml in your development environment, workspace_dir\WC\xml\config\wc-server.xml.
  2. Modify the file according to whatever instructions you are following. Once you have updated the file, save it in place, or check it into your code repository.
  3. Deploy the new file to the Transaction server using the HCL Commerce CI/CD pipeline. For more information about deployment, see Packaging customized code for deployment.
  4. Build the new Docker container. See Building packages.