Packaging customized code for deployment

The HCL Commerce Build tool (WCB tool) is the tool that you use to build your customizations into input packages. These packages can be used to build new container images and deploy to your runtime environments. If a CI/CD pipeline is implemented, you do not need to concern yourself with deployment.

HCL Commerce Version or laterImportant: Beginning in HCL Commerce, application container images are built to be run as a non-root user by default. This change has the potential to break your custom deployment. Therefore, you must review this change and its potential impacts. For more information, see HCL Commerce container users and privileges.


The HCL Commerce Build tool an build customization assets for the four server environments that are found in HCL Commerce Version 9.1:
Templates and samples of configuration and property files are provided for each type of application. You can easily start building these out-of-box applications, but more advanced and specialized build processes are also achievable by customizing the build ANT scripts themselves.

Each application is built into an isolated package. The configuration, input, and output files are separate for each application. While it is building one application, the tool cannot access or reference the assets of another application. However, only one HCL Commerce Build tool environment is needed to build all the applications. You can cleanly separate the files and assets of different applications by keeping them in different directories, or by using different file name conventions.

The HCL Commerce Build tool has the following features:

  • The build process works with source configuration management (SCM) systems, including CVS, Subversion, and Rational ClearCase. It can be extended to support other SCM systems.
  • HCL Commerce Build tool provides logging and mail notifications, which help with problem determination.
  • You can customize the application by using Apache Ant scripts. The default scripts are modular, and can be reused to save time when you are customizing your build process.
  • You can also use the HCL Commerce Build tool to build data and schema changes.

You can run the HCL Commerce Build tool from within the HCL Commerce development environment, or the HCL Commerce Utility server Docker container.