Customizing the Tooling Web Docker container

Customize the Tooling Web Docker container to update, modify, or extend business user tooling for any Angular-based tools, otherwise known as the Tooling single-page application (SPA), within Management Center for HCL Commerce.

Before you begin

  1. To customize the tooling-web container, you must first obtain the Tooling git bundle. See Downloading HCL Commerce software.
  2. Review the Tooling-specific documentation within the readme file.
  3. HCL Commerce Version or laterBeginning in HCL Commerce, application container images are built to be run as a non-root user by default. This change has the potential to break your custom deployment. Therefore, you must review this change and its potential impacts. For more information, see HCL Commerce container users and privileges.

About this task

The Tooling Web Docker container contains an IBM HTTP Server which hosts and serves the Angular-based tooling single page application (SPA) and front-end assets that are displayed within Management Center for HCL Commerce. By default when you deploy the container, the container is called tooling-web.

When you modify the default tooling-web container, you must apply any future container updates from HCL manually, or re-apply, and re-test your customizations on subsequent versions of the container.


  1. In your HCL Commerce development environment, customize the Tooling SPA.
    Be sure to start the server and test your changes locally.
    Important: Ensure that you save and make back ups of your customizations.
  2. Build the custom Tooling Web Docker container image with your changes.
    Changes that are made locally are created in the commerce-tooling/build/dist/ directory.

    In your Dockerfile, copy over the customization and replace the default code within the /SETUP/app/tooling/ directory of the Tooling Web Docker container (tooling-web) Docker image.

    HCL Commerce Version or later
    COPY -chown=comuser:comuser commerce-tooling/build/dist/ /SETUP/app/tooling/
    For releases of HCL Commerce to
    COPY commerce-tooling/build/dist/ /SETUP/app/tooling/
  3. Deploy your custom Docker image to your Docker repository, and then to the environments where they will be used.


The tooling-web container is updated and deployed within your HCL Commerce environments. Business users that work on Angular-based tooling in Management Center will observe and interact with the customizations made to the Tooling SPA.