Collecting Solr based search-related MustGather data for search cache invalidation issues

Prepare the following MustGather information before you call HCL Support to help with the troubleshooting process.


  1. Configure the following trace specifications.
    • In the Search server Docker container:
      **=all:*=all: org.apache.solr.*=all:*=all
      For information about how to set trace strings, Configuring logging for the Search server.
  2. Reproduce the problem.

    Record the specific steps that you used to reproduce the problem and any details that might be relevant.

  3. Run the following database queries to collect the necessary information from your database (output results in CSV format).
    SELECT * FROM CACHEIVL WHERE INSERTTIME > (PLS SET TO some time before current time as the table is very big)
    Note: To monitor cache content or run cache invalidation instance, see Enabling cache monitoring.