HCL Commerce Version or later

Collecting MustGather data for Data Load issues

Prepare the following MustGather information before you call HCL Support to help with Data Load issues.

Before you begin

Note: If you are experiencing issues associated with the Massload utilities, review the associated MustGather MustGather: Massload Utilities.

About this task

To enable more tracing detail, add the following parameter to the dataload script:
-Dpackage_ name.level=FINEST
For example, to enable the database trace with FINE level, specify the following parameter:
Details on tracing can be found in the Data Load utility documentation.


  1. Reproduce the problem.
    1. Include the load order configuration file. For more information, see Configuring the data load order.
    2. Include the wc-dataload-env.xml. Its location is dependent on your local configuration; for more information, see Configuring the data load environment settings.
    3. Include the loader configuration file. For more information, see Configuring the data load order.
    4. Include the Data source file (input CSV file).
    The locations of these files are specified in the Master Configuration File. Here is an example of one:
    xsi:schemaLocation="http://www.ibm.com/xmlns/prod/commerce/foundation/config ../../../../xml/config/xsd/wc-dataload.xsd"
    <!-- Environment File -->
    <_config:DataLoadEnvironment configFile="../wc-dataload-env.xml" />
    <_config:LoadOrder commitCount="100" batchSize="1" dataLoadMode="Replace">
    <_config:property name="firstTwoLinesAreHeader" value="true" />
    <!-- Business Object Config file -->
    <_config:LoadItem name="ProductDefiningAttributeAndAllowedValues" businessObjectConfigFile="wc-loader-product-defining-attribute-and-allowed-values.xml" >
    <!-- Data Source Location (input file) -->
    <_config:DataSourceLocation location="ProductDefiningAttributeAndAllowedValues.csv" />
  2. Confirm that the issue was captured.
    Before sending logs to HCL, ensure that the issue being reported was captured. For more information on performing log collection, see Avoiding pitfalls when collecting traces.
  3. Collect data.

    Include the general information requested in MustGather: General Issues in WebSphere Commerce as well as the contents of the load log trace file in the WC_installdir/logs directory.