Collecting MustGather data for customization deployment issues

Prepare the following MustGather information before you call HCL Support to help with issues related to building and deploying custom Docker images.


  1. Run the following command on the Docker host to list the Docker images that are loaded.
    • docker images
  2. Use the container ID to find the versions of the Docker images that you used to deploy HCL Commerce.
    docker exec <docker container ID> viewlabels
    Record the labels.
  3. Collect the following information.
    • The directory structure that you used to hold the Dockerfile and your customizations.
    • The command that you used to build the custom Docker image.
    • The command that you used to deploy HCL Commerce.
    • Your Docker and Docker Compose versions.
    • Any relevant deployment files such as docker-compose*.yml files, or configuration files for orchestration tools such as Kubernetes.
    • All files from the /SETUP/bin/ folder of the container that is having issues.