Defect fixes included with

The following table details the software fixes that are included with the WebSphere Commerce8.0.4.27 release.


Customer case Fix Applies to Description
N/A Vulnerabilities addressed in WebSphere Commerce V8.0.4.x A number of software vulnerability fixes in companion software have been included.
CS0116634 HC-5007 V8.0.4.0 500-series errors on cart page due to altered promotion
CS0142095 HC-8204 V9.0.1.9 Espot REST call causes NPE in RESTEMarketingSpotMetaDataGenerator.
CS0183184 HC-9267 V9.0.1.10 Marketing performance problem with customer segments that include B2B users in accounts
CS0190424 HC-8906 V8.0.4.24 Promotion Activation fails when using a REST call
CS0200848 HC-9205 V8.0.4.25 Timeout during email sending when multiple instances of the same email id exist
CS0201892 HC-9194 V8.0.4.23 Custom cookies cannot be created when custom commands are called from UserRegistrationAddCmdImpl
CS0208712 HC-10112 V8.0.4.23 Dataload delimiters cannot be more than a single character
CS0211820 HC-9343 V8.0.4.23 Registered user reference issue in the Command Context when controller command called from REST framework.
CS0214295 HC-10512 V. Dialog activity with a recurring order event trigger cannot be activated.
CS0222075 HC-10047 V8.0.4.24 Manufacturer Name not saved in database for installment rules
CS0223604 HC-9995 V8.0.4.26 Multiple payment instructions cannot be added to orders
CS0227471 HC-10959 V8.0.4.0 Intermittent JCA HTTP response handling issues causing checkout failures
CS0227512 HC-10204 V8.0.4.25 Multiple payment instructions cannot be added to orders
CS0232044 HC-10558 V8.0.4.23 REST bod mapping missing person attribute