Installing maintenance: Final steps

After you install a WebSphere Commerce maintenance package, complete the following steps.


  1. Review Enabling fixes and enhancements that are included in maintenance packages.
    Maintenance packages might include fixes that were not automatically enabled on your environment.
  2. Optional: LinuxAIXWindows Update environments that are integrated with Sterling Order Management (for WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus integration) only.
    From WebSphere Commerce, copy the following file:
    • WC_installdir/wc.ear/Order-DataObjects.jar/xsd/OAGIS/9.0/Overlays/IBM/Commerce/Resources/Nouns/Order.xsd
    Past the file to the following location on the WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus module.
    • ESB_INSTALL_DIR\IBM\WebSphere\ESB\profiles\ESB_PROFILE_NAME\installedApps\CELL_NAME\WCToSSFSMediationModuleApp.ear\WCToSSFSMediationModule.jar\xsd\OAGIS\9.0\Overlays\IBM\Commerce\Resources\Nouns\
    Failure to copy the Order.xsd file to the WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus module might cause integration errors.
  3. Optional: LinuxAIXDB2Windows If the WC_installdir/schema/db2/fixpackX/wcs.runstats.sql file exists, then run the RUNSTATS SQL file, where X is the number of the installed fix pack.

    For example, if you installed Fix Pack 1 and if the file exists, run WC_installdir/schema/db2/fixpack1/wcs.runstats.sql.

    The SQL file issues the RUNSTATS command against database tables that were affected by the maintenance package installation. It is recommended that you issue RUNSTATS to prevent database performance issues and maintain current database table statistics.

  4. Optional: LinuxAIXWindows Remove cascade deletion for database tables in the production environment.
    By removing this type of deletion, you can prevent data loss during a stagingprop operation. For more information, see Removing cascade deletion in the production environment to prevent data loss.
  5. Optional: LinuxAIXWindows Split the primary key ranges for your database tables between the staging and production environments.
    By splitting the key ranges, you can prevent a primary key collision during propagation of data from staging to production. For more information, see Key splitting.
  6. Optional: LinuxAIXWindows Update the remote web server.

    You must update the web server machine with a new Stores.war every time that you update the static web content inside the application.

    For example, update the web server machine when you publish a store, or upload a logo. The Stores.war is in the following directory:


    Ensure that the following statements are true:
    • The path to Stores.war is the same on the web server node and the WebSphere Commerce node.
    • The permissions of each directory in path WC_profiledir/installedApps/cell_name/WC_instance_name.ear have group read and execute.
    Note: Remove any JSP and JAR files from the WC_instance_name.ear directory on the web server. Ensure that only static-content files are in this directory on the web server.
  7. Precompile your JSP files before launching your store.