Updating the WebSphere Commerce Build and Deployment tool after installing a WebSphere Commerce fix pack

WebSphere Commerce fix packs provide fixes and improvements for the Build and Deployment tool, which are highly recommended. After you install a fix pack, perform additional steps to incorporate the fixes into your configuration files and customization.

Before you begin

  • Ensure that your customization to the Build and Deployment tool adheres to the rule of non-customizable files. Do not modify any files with the prefix wcbd-. If you require customization, you must follow the process to create new files and customize as required. Otherwise a fix pack installation might overwrite your customization.
  • Back up all files that were created during the setup and customization processes of the Build and Deployment tool. Usually, these files are in the WCBD_installdir directory on your build system and in your software configuration management (SCM) system. The files might include:
Process Files
  • setenv or setenv.bat
  • build.properties, build.private.properties
  • The source extraction Ant script and properties files, if used
  • All other files that are created for customization
Server deployment
  • setenv or setenv.bat
  • deploy-target.env.properties and deploy-target.env.properties
  • The static web server assets deployment Ant script and properties files, if used
  • The WebSphere Commerce configuration file synchronization Ant script and properties files, if used
  • All other files that are created for customization
Toolkit deployment
  • setenv.bat
  • deploy-target.env.properties and deploy-target.env.properties
  • All other files that are created for customization


  1. This fix pack updates many files.
    IBM provides a document with each fix pack that lists all of the files that are altered by that fix pack. In the Fix packs for WebSphere Commerce technote, click the link to the fix pack you are installing. See the Files Changed link on the fix pack install technote.
  2. For each updated file identified from the previous step:
    1. Determine the configuration and customization files in WCBD_installdir and in your SCM that derived from it.
    2. For each derived file identified:
      1. Perform a file comparison with the original, updated file to identify the changes, and then port the changes over to the derived file. Caution must be exercised to ensure that you do not overwrite any values, particularly in configuration files and templates, that might have been changed for your environment. It is recommended that you use a file comparison tool to minimize the effort and risk.
      2. If the file is a configuration properties file or template, open the file with a text editor. Search for new properties introduced in the fix pack. These changes are identified by the string: SINCE: V7 FP. Review the description of the property and set them as appropriate, then save the file.
      3. Ensure that the updated files are committed in your SCM for subsequent runs of the build and deployment processes.
  3. Test your build and deployment processes with the updated Build and Deployment tool scripts.