WebSphere Commerce Developer

Installing maintenance for WebSphere Commerce Developer

Review the following topics to learn how to install and uninstall maintenance packages (updates) for WebSphere Commerce Developer. Maintenance packages can include fix packs and mod packs.

Important: To upgrade to WebSphere Commerce or WebSphere Commerce Developer from any previous version, you must first upgrade to This is required due to changes to JAR files that were made due to security vulnerabilities.
Note: To install or uninstall WebSphere Commerce Developer maintenance packages, use the IBM Installation Manager that you used to install WebSphere Commerce Developer. The following topics explain the procedures to install or uninstall maintenance packages.
Important: If you changed the WC_eardir\xml\config\com.ibm.commerce.foundation\wc-component.xml file within your existing WebSphere Commerce Developer workspace, you might need to reapply the changes after your complete a maintenance upgrade. After you complete an upgrade, review your modified component configuration files and reapply any changes that you require.