WebSphere Commerce Developer

Installing maintenance packages for WebSphere Commerce Developer (interactive method)

You can install WebSphere Commerce Developer maintenance package by using the IBM Installation Manager that you used to install WebSphere Commerce Developer. Ensure that you test WebSphere Commerce maintenance packages after installation. Maintenance packages contain fixes that correct known problems, so installing maintenance might prevent you from having to place a service call. Before you install a maintenance package, review the following information.

Notice: Do not install maintenance package for WebSphere Commerce Developer. Instead, it is recommended that you install or later. If you installed, see Issues with Mod Pack 1 for WebSphere Commerce Developer.

Before you begin

WebSphere Commerce Version or laterNote: Upgrading to WebSphere Commerce or greater requires an extensive update to your environments. This includes upgrading to Java 8, and Rational Application Developer 9.6. For more information, see Upgrading to WebSphere Commerce Developer or greater.
  • Ensure that WebSphere Commerce Developer is installed.
  • Stop any Java applications that are running on your machine.
  • Disable any Web server that you configured on your machine.
  • Log in to Windows as a user with Administrator privileges.
  • Ensure that the WebSphere Commerce Developer maintenance package is downloaded and if necessary, unpackaged on your machine. Also ensure that you downloaded the correct edition since there is a Professional and Enterprise edition.
    Table 1. Maintenance package name examples
    Type of maintenance Sample package name that can be found on IBM Fix Central
    WebSphere Commerce Developer Version 8 Enterprise Edition Mod Pack 8.0.x.0-WS-WCDeveloperEnterprise-ModPack
    WebSphere Commerce Developer Version 8 Professional Edition Mod Pack 8.0.x.0-WS-WCDeveloperProfessional-ModPack
    WebSphere Commerce Developer Version 8 Enterprise Edition Fix Pack 8.0.x.y-WS-WCDeveloperEnterprise-ModFixPack
    WebSphere Commerce Developer Version 8 Professional Edition Fix Pack 8.0.x.y-WS-WCDeveloperProfessional-ModFixPack
    Where x represents the mod pack number and y represents the fix pack number.
  • Extra steps might be needed after installation to incorporate the fixes into your configuration files and customization. It is important to review the steps before you begin your maintenance package installation. Review Updating the WebSphere Commerce Build and Deployment tool after installing a WebSphere Commerce fix pack.
  • Back up any customized files.

    WebSphere Commerce maintenance packages update many files. Files that might be changed include the JSP files for starter stores and WebSphere Commerce Accelerator, files for Management Center, and more.

Note: You can install WebSphere Commerce Developer fix packs on a machine where WebSphere Commerce is not previously installed, by adding all repositories to your IBM Installation Manager and then installing WebSphere Commerce Developer.

About this task

  • Ensure that WebSphere Commerce and WebSphere Commerce Developer are at the same maintenance level.
  • The database updates that are included in this fix pack cannot be undone. If you want to undo the database update after you apply the WebSphere Commerce maintenance package, you must restore your database backup. For information about backing up your database, see your database documentation.


  1. Open Installation Manager.
  2. Add the WebSphere Commerce Developer maintenance package repository location to the Installation Manager:
    1. On the Start page of Installation Manager, click File > Preferences, and then click Repositories.
      The Repositories page opens, showing any available repositories, their locations, and whether they are connected.
    2. On the Repositories page, click Add Repository.
    3. In the Add Repository dialog box, click Browse. Navigate to the location of your WebSphere Commerce Developer maintenance directory, select the repository.config file, then click OK.
      The new repository location is listed.
    4. Click Test Connections to ensure that the Repository URL is available.
    5. Optional: If you want to save your current fix pack state as a back up before you install the new maintenance package, then complete the following steps:
      1. On the Start page of Installation Manager, click File > >Preferences > Files for Rollback.
      2. Select Save files for rollback.
  3. From the Start page, click Update.
    The Installation Manager searches its defined repositories for available packages.
  4. Select the WebSphere Commerce Developer package and click Next.
    The Update packages wizard detects all of the applicable fixes. Recommended features are automatically selected.
  5. Select the updates that you want to apply and click Next.
    The fix pack is automatically preselected.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Accept the license agreement and click Next.
    The Select the features to install panel is displayed. The feature is automatically selected.
  8. Click Next.
  9. Review the summary information and click Update to install the updates.
  10. Optional: Review the installation history by selecting File > Installation History
  11. Check for any issues in the WCDE_installdir\logs\update\8.0.x.y-WS-WCDeveloper-Enterprise-timestamp.install\updatelog.txt file.
    • The x represents the mod pack level
    • The y represents the fix pack level
    • The timestamp represents the date that IBM created the package.
  12. WebSphere Commerce Version Update an alias name in three store JSP files.
    Note: This steps is needed only if you installed Mod Pack 3, specifically
  13. WebSphere Commerce Version or laterIf you are upgrading from 8.0.0.x or 8.0.1.x to or later, then update your wc-server.xml file that is in your source code repository.

    IBM updated the workspace_dir\WC\xml\config\wc-server.xml file in

  14. Review Installing maintenance: Final steps to complete the installation. You might need to enable some fixes that are included in the maintenance package.

What to do next

Refresh the workspace and republish the application after the maintenance package is installed:
  1. Open WebSphere Commerce Developer and switch to the Enterprise Explorer view.
  2. In the Explorer view, select all projects and select File > Refresh (or the F5 keyboard shortcut) to refresh the projects in the workspace.
  3. Start or restart the WebSphere Commerce Test Server.
  4. Right-click the test server in the Servers view and select Publish.
  5. Wait for the application to finish publishing and to restart.