WebSphere Commerce DeveloperWebSphere Commerce Version or later

Upgrading to WebSphere Commerce Developer or greater

There are environment prerequisites to upgrade WebSphere Commerce Developer to versions or greater.

Important: To upgrade to WebSphere Commerce or WebSphere Commerce Developer from any previous version, you must first upgrade to This is required due to changes to JAR files that were made due to security vulnerabilities.
  • WebSphere Commerce instance creation is not supported with WebSphere Commerce fix packs that require Java 8 until version If you need to create a new WebSphere Commerce instance, you must use WebSphere Commerce or greater. Alternatively, you can use an older Java 7 fix pack, such as, before upgrading to Java 8 and a more recent WebSphere Commerce fix pack.
  • For IBM i OS operating systemNew instance creation is not supported on IBM i.

Before you begin


Upgrade your development environments.
  1. Install WebSphere Commerce Developer or greater.
  2. Upgrade your developer environments to use WebSphere Application Server bundled Java 8 (1.8_64_bundled).
    See Upgrading WebSphere Commerce Developer to WebSphere Application Server bundled Java 8.
    • If you have previously upgraded your environments to bundled Java 8, you can skip this step.
    • If you have previously upgraded your environments to a standalone version of Java 8 (1.8_64), you must again update your environment to use the version of the Java SDK that is bundled with WebSphere Application Server.
  3. If you are using Java version to, or WebSphere Application Server version to, you must lower the priority of the IBMJCEPlus security provider.
    Using the com.ibm.crypto.provider.IBMJCEPlus security provider causes a memory leak, leading to performance implications.
    1. Open the jre/lib/security/java.security configuration file for editing in your SDK installation directory.
    2. Change the order of the security providers to place com.ibm.crypto.plus.provider.IBMJCE above com.ibm.crypto.provider.IBMJCEPlus.

      For example, your file should appear as follows:

    3. Save and close the file.
    For more information on this required change, see Service refresh 7 in the IBM SDK, Java Technology Edition documentation.


You have successfully upgraded your environments to the latest WebSphere Commerce Version 8 fix pack.

This upgrade included:

  • Upgrading your development environments to a later WebSphere Commerce fix pack level.
  • Ensuring that your WebSphere Commerce development environment is using Rational Application Developer 9.6.
  • Ensuring that your environments are using a supported version of Java 8, with the bundled WebSphere Application Server Java SDK.