Defect fixes included with

The following table details the software fixes that are included with the WebSphere Commerce8.0.4.29 release.


Customer case Fix Applies to Description
CS0190199 HC-11913 V8.0.4.23 New configuration setting to allow LogonCmdImpl to bypass UserRegistryCache
CS0253397 HC-12327 V8.0.4.24 Prepared statements are created and closed many times in the CatalogGroup mediator.
CS0260099 HC-14079 V9.0.1.7 Deleting a marketing campaign in Management Center leads to stage propagation failure.
CS0269466 HC-2802 V9.0.1.7 FilterCatalogEntryTaskCmdImpl exceptions occur when catalog entries and/or their descriptions are missing.
CS0286452 HC-14970 V8.0.4.28 V8 - Incorrect Sequence Number for Orders Shipped DB Clean PX_CDPOOL delete statement
CS0286515 HC-14977 V9.1.7.0 Sitemap Generate Job Failing due to incorrect storeType referenced in the help center
CS0289011 HC-15185 V8.0.4.25 Partially authenticated API getting expired activity error with registered user's persistent cookie when multiLogon enabled
CS0296382 HC-16266 V8.0.4.0 Rest framework lacking cross site scripting protection for body parameters
CS0296648 HC-15791 V8.0.4.25 DeployContractCmdImpl commits but does not begin a new transaction.
CS0297406 HC-16189 V8.0.4.28 Invalid WC_AUTHENTICATION cookie error during user registration
CS0299461 HC-18073 V8.0.4.28 Invalid cookie error after session expires when AllowMultipleLogonForSameUser enabled and using WCTokens
CS0300973 HC-18127 V8.0.4.27 Invalid cookie errors in logs after session expires when AllowMultipleLogonForSameUser enabled and using cookies
CS0305436 HC-18398 V8.0.4.29 WAS (Java 8.0.7) breaks cookie decryption code
None HC-18065 V8.0.4.24 After upgrade to Catalog entry promotion stopped working