WebSphere Commerce Version

APARs that are fixed in Mod Pack 4 Fix Pack 7 (

Review the following table for more information about the APARs that are fixed in Fix Pack 7 for Mod Pack 4 (
Authoring and Staging JR57923 Unapproved workspace e-Spot content do not appear in Store preview.
Catalog, Assets, Contracts, and Pricing IT21043 Cannot customize PriceListExportCmdImpl.
Catalog, Assets, Contracts, and Pricing JR57948 Web activities that reference a category are marked dirty when the category is active in Management Center.
Catalog, Assets, Contracts, and Pricing JR57974 Catalog Upload does not support excluding or including all categories when loading catalog filter data.
Installation, Configuration, Deployment, and Migration JR58171 Schema change that was included in causes store publish to fail.
Marketing and Promotions JR57886 Promotion codes with special characters cannot be removed from shopping cart.
Member and Session Management JR58005 Inconsistent behavior for member search queries on i/OS (IBM i).
Member and Session Management SE67625 The REST methods guestidentity and loginidentity fail to update the WCP cookies.
Orders, Payments, and Inventory JR58093 doPrice REST parameter is lost during REST layer data mapping.
Orders, Payments, and Inventory JR57964 Swagger definition incorrect for order_download.
Orders, Payments, and Inventory JR58055 Cannot delete order extended attributes.
Programming Framework JR58035 Fix REST annotations for CatalogExportHandler.
Runtime JR56958 Internal server error displayed on parts of a storefront page.
Search JR57954 DataImportSystemException error is not handled in DataImportPreProcessorMain.