WebSphere Commerce Version

Defects that are fixed in Mod Pack 4 Fix Pack 24 (

Review the following table for more information about the defects that are fixed in Fix Pack 24 for Mod Pack 4 (
CS Number Defect KB Description
CS0033849 KB0075757 If MigrateEncryptedInfo utility is customized to operate on a custom database table, and that table has an auto increment primary key, the utility cannot process that table.
CS0051313 KB0074268 Mitigates against the potential of a non-responsive site caused by hanging threads stuck due to an unnecessary synchronization requirement in the TradingAgreementRegistry.retrieve method.
CS0006736 KB0073221 Resolves an issue related to search rules with category conditions, where differing catalog parent excludes expected results.
CS0017576 KB0075889 Corrects the ability to add categories to promotions multiple times from the utilities view.
CS0067843 KB0076283 Corrects a Java exception that is encountered when implementing a custom payment punch out in a B2B store.
CS0087963 KB0076284 Corrects a memory leak that can be observed on the Search server.
CS0073361 KB0076285 Corrects an issue with dialog activities that potentially fail when the activity evaluation is based on cart content from a particular category.
CS0042865 KB0076287 Implements the ability for a temporary promotion reservation to be applied to an order, thereby counting towards a redemption limit without the need for an order to be completed.
CS0006508 KB0076289 Implements the extendeClearAll parameter for the DynaCacheInvalidation scheduler job in WebSphere Commerce Accelerator, allowing for a more thorough cache invalidation.
CS0006719 KB0076291 Corrects errors in the SQL generated by the dbclean utility script, when the offlinemode parameter is specified.
CS0034916 KB0076342 Improvements and fixes to the RuleBasedCategoryEvaluationCmd scheduled job to avoid failures due to errors or timeout.
CS0017611 KB0076347 Corrects a defect in the DOM inventory data load mediator that can cause the data load job to fail.
CS0078093 KB0076685 Implements additional port support for REST Dispatcher on the WebSphere Commerce Server.
CS0016055 KB0076686 Corrects an issue with retrieving shipping mode prices, where the get usable_shipping_mode REST API call returns no results.
CS0054343 KB0076692 Corrects a session cookie issue where prices on the product details page are not displayed to partially authenticated users.
CS0067843 KB0076283 Corrects a generic contract error that is encountered when implementing a custom payment punch-out, causing payment to fail for otherwise valid orders.
CS0036912 KB0076760 Corrects an issue with order payments where the total amount of all payment instructions are reportedly not equal to the total amount of the order.