Defect fixes included with

The following table details the software fixes that are included with the WebSphere Commerce8.0.4.26 release.


Customer case Fix Applies to Description
N/A KB0087397 V8.0.4.x A number of software vulnerability fixes in companion software have been included.
CS0141471 HC-7320 V8.0.4.24 updatedb failing for migration from v7 to v8
CS0145665 HC-5378 V8.0.4.24 Steps to convert a V8 staging environment to authoring.
CS0159071 HC-6817 V8.0.4.24 Deleted catalog entries remain in Promotion Inclusion/Exclusion List
CS0160020 HC-7621 V8.0.4.24 MigrateEncryptedInfo utility fails if missing challengeAnswer field
CS0161574 HC-7117 V8.0.4.23 SyncBeanBase synchronization problem in LDAPMap use
CS0173085 HC-7770 V8.0.4.23 XSS ProhibCharEncoding rules prevent use of variables
CS0173521 HC-7397 V8.0.4.23 Cannot display more than 25 facets for a given category in Management Center
CS0173950 HC-7778 V8.0.4.24 DuplicateKeyException on update of CATENCALCD after activating promotion
CS0179129 HC-7389 V8.0.4.24 Rule Based categories (Dynamic Categories) are not working correctly with multiple language descriptions