Defect fixes included with

The following table details the software fixes that are included with the WebSphere Commerce release.


Customer case Fix Applies to Description
N/A Vulnerabilities addressed in WebSphere Commerce V8.0.4.x A number of software vulnerability fixes in companion software have been included.
CS0220935 HC-12899 V8.0.4.0 Rule Based Sales Category can only contain 500 items
CS0236299 HC-12045 V8.0.4.25 Marketing Activities for Generic user are expiring when they should not be
CS0239075 HC-11393 V8.0.4.23 Remember Me continues to operate after being turned off
CS0241855 HC-11464 V8.0.4.26 BusinessContextServiceException appears frequently in logs
CS0241855 HC-12154 V8.0.4.26 BCS updateContextData does not properly handle stale cache entries for activities
CS0260757 HC-13041 V8.0.4.24 LogonCmdImpl does not have customization points for wait time