Defect fixes included with

The following table details the software fixes that are included with the WebSphere Commerce8.0.4.25 release.


Customer case Fix Applies to Description
N/A KB0084419 V8.0.4.x A number of software vulnerability fixes in companion software have been included.
CS0006532 HC-4687 V8.0.4.24 Major category missing from storefront menu during indexing
CS0036912 HC-5532 V8.0.4.24 Payment instructions are not equal to the order amount total
CS0076150 HC-3692 V8.0.4.24 Shopper is unable to login into website after adding to cart
CS0092614 HC-2809 V8.0.4.23 Performance impact when Sterling configurator is not used
CS0092894 HC-2144 V8.0.4.24 Org Admin console is throwing File Not Found Exception
CS0095127 HC-2137 V8.0.4.22 Incorrect URLs are generated when search terms contain special characters
CS0095311 HC-2038 V8.0.4.0 Performance problem in Management Center with large number of catalog filters
CS0109192 HC-2536 V8.0.4.0 Marketing commands are being cached in preview mode
CS0109914 HC-2710 V7 FEP 8 Long Running SQL on CMMETADATA table causing locks on production database
CS0111398 HC-2973 V8.0.4.0 CatalogEntry dataload performance problem
CS0115706 HC-2908 V8.0.4.0 REST end point regression after upgrade
CS0128766 HC-4341 V8.0.4.23 Cannot add custom BCC field to email
CS0132191 HC-4439 V8.0.4.0 Oracle staging triggers on PLPAGE lead to stageprop error
CS0133316 HC-4873 V8.0.4.24 \"null\" message coming while running Database migration check
CS0133605 HC-5218 V8.0.4.24 Runtime jar file missing for Solr search after applying fixpack
CS0134171 HC-4401 V8.0.4.0 Shipping promotion not getting applied when multiple shipping methods are used in an order
CS0138151 HC-4456 V8.0.4.24 flowisEnabled tag throwing NullPointerException when user activity CTXMGMT has expired
CS0139259 HC-4617 V8.0.4.0 Java deadlock in PropertyHelper for WebContainer
CS0143018 HC-5462 V8.0.4.24 Additional trace information and null pointer check
CS0143179 HC-5321 V8.0.4.24 DynaCacheInvalidation Scheduler - maxThreads property is not persisted
CS0143905 HC-5136 V8.0.4.23 Unable to load user data fields into CATGPENTREL using dataload utility
CS0151118 HC-6104 V8.0.4.23 Unable to add user data fields in CATFILTER table