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Defects that are fixed in Mod Pack 4 Fix Pack 23 (

Review the following table for more information about the defects that are fixed in Fix Pack 23 for Mod Pack 4 (
Defect KB Description
JR56815 MigrateEncryptedInfo utility fails if a custom table has an auto increment primary key.
JR59490 Resolves an NullPointerException when order level free gift promotion is applied.
JR60280 com.ibm.websphere.command.CommandException is missing when migrating the Data service layer.
JR60455 Hard coded query on DatabaseMetaDataHelper takes more time to execute.
JR60659 SOLR build index fails with database error.
JR60623 Optimize ECOrganizationQuery SQL query's performance.
JR60916 Duplicate facet entries retrieved.
JR60916 Duplicate facet entries retrieved if it exists across multiple stores.
JR60937 CollectionCannotBeFurtherAccessedException was thrown when handling multiple activities.
JR61066 Populate Catalog_Group_Id_Link column if the owning relationship exists.
JR60827 JspExecutionServiceLoggingFilter fetchMeasurableWriterFromResponse exception for improved log legibility.
JR60747 Scheduler job stops running when "records updated: 0".
JR60873 Corrects access control errors after installing JR59861.
JR61110 CatalogPathDataPreProcessor to handle the scenario where a category is both the parent and grandparent of another category.
JR59294 Modify BOD mapping logic to support JDK8.
JR61120 Corrects an issue where Management Center category navigation intermittently working within Commerce Composer.