Feature Pack 7 or later

Content Recommendation widget

Use this widget to display content, such as images, text, HTML, and Flash content, on a store page.

Avoid other types of content, such as documents or audio files, because the widget displays an empty space. The content that you want to display must be included in marketing content. You can either specify the marketing content directly in the widget, or create a web activity to display the marketing content.

Page dependency

You can use this widget in a layout for any page type.

Examples of widget content

Figure 1: Widget containing static HTML

Example of a Content Recommendation widget - hero image
Figure 2: Widget containing multiple images in horizontal orientation

Example of a Content Recommendation widget - multiple images, horizontal orientation
Figure 3: Widget containing multiple images in vertical orientation, with display title set to Shop By Brand

Example of a Content Recommendation widget - multiple images, vertical orientation, display title

Alternative widgets

Consider the following alternative widgets:
E-Marketing Spot widget
If the layout is assigned to multiple pages, you can set the E-Marketing Spot widget to display different content on each page. Choose the Page-specific e-Marketing Spot option for the E-Marketing Spot widget.
Text Editor widget
The Text Editor widget contains a text editor directly in the widget so that you do not need to include your static HTML or text in marketing content. Therefore, the Text Editor widget might be a simpler option if you are creating HTML content that you plan to use only one time. However, use the Content Recommendation widget if:
  • If you have reusable content stored in WebSphere Commerce or another connected content repository.
  • You want to run a web activity in the widget (the Text Editor widget does not support web activities).

Web activity actions supported in this widget

If you run a web activity in this widget, you must choose an action that displays content, such as:

For the full list of supported actions, see Web activity actions supported in Commerce Composer widgets.

The web activity can also include targets for personalization, and branches to create different paths.

Prerequisites for using this widget

Prepare the images, text, static HTML, documents, and media files to display in the widget. If you manage files in the Assets tool, upload the files to the Assets tool.

Widget properties and content

After you add this widget to a layout, you can set the following properties:

Properties of a Content Recommendation widget

Property Description
Widget name Type a name to identify this widget in this layout, for example, Sidebar Ads. This name is not displayed on the storefront.
Widget orientation Specify how to arrange multiple pieces of marketing content inside the widget:
Arrange the content side by side across the page (see Widget containing multiple images in horizontal orientation).
Stack the content on top of one another down the page (see Widget containing multiple images in vertical orientation, with display title set to “Shop By Brand”).
Number of content to display in vertical row If you chose vertical orientation, specify how many pieces of marketing content this widget can display at the same time. If more than this number are returned to the widget, scrolling controls are included on the widget so that customers can view more content.
Widget display style Select a style for the widget background and border.
Show a Subscribe link Select this check box to add a Subscribe link and icon to the widget. Customers can subscribe to a feed of the recommendations that are displayed in the widget. When the recommendations change, customers receive updates in their feed reader.
Select a method for populating this widget Choose one of the following options:
Specify existing content or create new content
Select this option if the widget content is the same for all customers and you do not need the extra capabilities that are offered by web activities.
Do one of the following things:
  • If you have existing content, in the Content table, find and add the content.
  • To create content, click Create New ContentCreate New Content. After you create and save the content, it is automatically added to the Content table in the widget.
Tip: You can change the sequence in which the content is displayed in the widget. In the Content table, click a row that contains content. Then, click the up or down arrow above the table to change the sequence.
Use web activities to recommend content
Select this option to take advantage of web activity capabilities to display the content. These capabilities include personalization, scheduling, and prioritization. The web activity must use one of the actions that are listed earlier in this topic.
Important: Do not forget to activate the web activity. In the Web activities table, right-click the web activity, and then click Activate.
Tip: When you run a web activity in this widget, an e-Marketing Spot is automatically created in the widget. The e-Marketing Spot name follows this format:


Example: Widget_ContentRecommendation_1234

The e-Marketing Spot name is viewable in the web activity properties view after you save the widget. The e-Marketing Spot is read-only so that it remains associated to the widget until you delete the widget.