Feature Pack 7 or later

Text Editor widget

Use this widget to add text or HTML content to a page. The widget contains a built-in text editor for you to enter custom HTML code, or format text by using options in the editing toolbar.

The Text Editor widget supports two different text editors:
WebSphere Commerce rich text editor
The default text editor in Management Center. This editor includes basic font style and paragraph formatting options, and supports HTML code.
An enhanced rich text editor that offers more editing capabilities than the WebSphere Commerce rich text editor for both formatted text and HTML code.

If you want to use CKEditor in the Text Editor widget, you must activate CKEditor in your Management Center preferences. By default, the Text Editor widget uses the WebSphere Commerce rich text editor.

Page dependency

You can use this widget in a layout for any page type.

Example of widget content

Example of a Text Editor widget containing text
This content is created by pasting the following HTML code into the Text Editor widget:
<div dir="ltr" 
style="padding:10px 0;background-color:#f5f5f5;color:#f35003;font-size:15px;text-align:center;">
<b>SAVE 20%</b> on all New Arrivals</div>

Widget properties and content

After you add this widget to a layout, you can set the following properties:

Properties of a Text Editor widget

Property Description
Widget name Type a name that helps you identify how this widget is used in this layout, for example, Banner ad. This name is not displayed on the storefront.
Display text Add the content to display in the widget. You can either:
  • Type text into the editor and then format the text by using the toolbar options.
  • Type or paste HTML code into the editor.
This field uses either the default WebSphere Commerce rich text editor or CKEditor, depending on your Management Center preferences.

For more information about using the two text editors, see Rich text editors.