Feature Pack 7 or later

Commerce Composer widget library

WebSphere Commerce provides over two dozen layout widgets that you can use in the Commerce Composer tool to create layouts for store pages.

The three columns on the right identify widgets that must be used in layouts for specific pages. For more information about these page-dependent widgets, see Widgets for Commerce Composer.

Widget type Description Can be used on any page Page-dependent widgets
Search results page Category page Catalog entry page

Content Recommendation widgetContent Recommendation widget

Displays content, such as images, text, static HTML, and videos. Supports web activities. x

Catalog Entry Recommendation widgetCatalog Entry Recommendation widget

Displays the thumbnail image, name, and price of recommended catalog entries. Supports web activities. x

Category Recommendation widgetCategory Recommendation widget

Displays the thumbnail image and name of recommended categories. Supports web activities. x

Content Carousel widgetContent Carousel widget

Displays a series of images that transition from one to the next. Supports web activities. x

E-Marketing Spot widgetE-Marketing Spot widget

Displays content, catalog entries, and categories in common or page-specific e-Marketing Spots. Supports web activities. x

Text Editor widgetText Editor widget

Displays the HTML content or rich text that you enter directly in the widget by using a built-in text editor. x

Links widgetLinks widget

Displays links to other store pages or to external URLs. x

Breadcrumb Trail widgetBreadcrumb Trail widget

Displays a horizontal list of links that show customers their current location within the site hierarchy. x

Site Map widgetSite Map widget

Displays links to category pages on a site map page. x

IBM Product Recommendations widgetIBM Product Recommendations widget

Displays recommendations generated by the IBM Product Recommendations engine, part of the IBM Digital Marketing Optimization solution. x

Category Navigation widgetCategory Navigation widget

Displays a list of category links to help customers navigate as they browse and search your catalog.
Note: If you use this widget on a content page, you must select the Display department links when no subcategories are found check box. Otherwise, this widget must be used in layouts for category or search results pages.
x(see note)

Facet Navigation widgetFacet Navigation widget

Displays a list of facets, such as Brand, Price, and Color, so that customers can filter the catalog entry list on the page. x x

Catalog Entry List widgetCatalog Entry List widget

Displays the list of catalog entries that are applicable to the current category or search results page. x x

Heading widgetHeading widget

Displays the name of a category or catalog entry as the page heading. x x

Search Summary widgetSearch Summary widget

Displays the number of search results that were returned and suggests search terms when there are no matches. x

Site Content List widgetSite Content List widget

Displays a list of site content that matches the customer's search term. Examples of site content are content pages, documents, and videos. x

Name, Part Number, and Price widgetName, Part Number, and Price widget

Displays the name, part number, and price of a catalog entry. x

Short Description widgetShort Description widget

Displays the short description of a catalog entry. x

Long Description widgetLong Description widget

Displays the long description of a catalog entry. x

Full Image widgetFull Image widget

Displays the full image of a catalog entry. Also displays any angle images that are defined as associated assets for the catalog entry. x

Defining Attributes widgetDefining Attributes widget

Displays the defining attributes of a catalog entry, either in a drop-down list or as swatch images. x

Descriptive Attributes widgetDescriptive Attributes widget

Displays the descriptive attributes of a catalog entry in a bulleted list. x

Merchandising Associations widgetMerchandising Associations widget

Displays the catalog entries that are defined as merchandising associations (cross-sells, up-sells, replacements, and accessories) for a catalog entry. x

Shopper Actions widgetShopper Actions widget

Displays the Quantity entry field, and the Add To Cart and Add To Wish List buttons for a catalog entry. x

Inventory Availability widgetInventory Availability widget

Displays information about the online and in-store availability of a catalog entry. x

Associated Assets widgetAssociated Assets widget

Displays links to associated assets, such as warranty documents, user manuals, and videos, for a catalog entry. x

Discounts widgetDiscounts widget

Displays the short descriptions of promotions that a catalog entry qualifies for. Each short description is a link to the long description of the promotion. x

Facebook Like widgetFacebook Like widget

Displays a Like button to allow customers to like a catalog entry. Also includes a Send button. x

Components widgetComponents widget

Displays the individual catalog entries that are included in a bundle, kit, or dynamic kit. x

Predefined Dynamic Kit List widgetPredefined Dynamic Kit List widget

Displays a list of the predefined dynamic kits that are included in a dynamic kit. x

Add To Requisition List widgetAdd to Requisition List widget

Displays a button that customers can click to add an item (SKU) to a requisition list.


SKU List widgetSKU List widget

Lists all the SKUs for a product in a table. Customers can add one or more SKUs to their cart or current order, or to a requisition list.



  • Any widget that displays category catalog hierarchy is limited to a maximum of 3 levels. For example, but not limited to, the Breadcrumb Trail widget and Category Navigation widget.